viking keychains

If you have got a love for all things medieval, then perhaps the best way to show it is to keep something medieval on you at all times. But what? You cannot readily carry a sword with you every day of the week. You are in luck, though, because Dark Knight Armoury carries a huge selection of great miniature medieval key chains that allow you to show off your medieval interest no matter where you go or what you do. These key rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so much so that you practically have to see them to believe them! Obviously they are quite small and highly portable, which makes them a great collectible to carry around and enjoy on a daily basis. Plus, the wide variety of shapes, ranging from medieval helmets to Saxon warrior figurines, to old cannons, to handcuffs, to medieval symbols, to weapons, and more, means that there is a medieval miniature key chain to suit your tastes, floating around in here somewhere. Plus, an added benefit of one of our great key chains is that they make keeping track of your keys easier. Imagine it — if you lose your viking keychains, just go looking for the hammer of Thor or for the little knight, standing at attention. Not to mention the unique design ensures that others will take notice and inquire about your little accent as well, whenever they see it. As a personal accent, these miniature medieval key rings are hard to beat, and even if it is not for you, they make for a great gift to give. And best of all, virtually all of the key rings offered from Dark Knight Armoury are offered a low price, ensuring that you do not have to spend a ridiculous amount of coin to get one!
A Viking woman’s responsibility was “inside the doorstep,” the man’s outside. Her work duties were housekeeping and making food, including drying and smoking fish and meat, working wool, spinning yarn and sewing and weaving for the family’s own consumption.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and upbringing of the children also took up time in a woman’s life. In practice it was probably the women who looked after the elderly.

She also had to perform heavy work like carrying water and participate in haymaking. In addition she should have knowledge of herbs to make medicine for the sick and wounded.

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